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PhotoCentral Certificate Program
Certificate in Camera Use
Combines classroom experience and workshops for the student wishing to develop proficiency in the use of photography as an expressive medium. Awarded on completion of Camera I, II and III and at least two workshops and participation in the Annual Spring Exhibition.
Certificate in Printing
For students wishing to become traditional black-and-white printmakers and undertake the challenges and rewards of making their own photographs. Awarded on completion of Printing I, II, and III, the Zone System, Fine Print and participation in the annual PhotoCentral Spring Exhibition.
Certificate in Photography
Awarded upon completion of the Certificate in Camera Use, the Certificate in Printing, the three Photo Techniques classes, Photo History and at least one additional technical and one additional field workshop.
Certificate in Field Proficiency
The culmination of the Certificate Program. Upon completion the student will have explored the aesthetic, technical and practical aspects of the medium of photography. Awarded on completion of all requirements for the Certificates in Camera Use and Printing plus three Photo Techniques classes, Photo History and one additional technical class or workshop, one additional field workshop, and participation in the annual PhotoCentral student exhibition.


Are you eligible for a certificate? Drop by PhotoCentral and fill out a certificate card. Monday, 5-10 pm or call for an appointment at 510-881-6721.

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