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PhotoCentral Online Gallery
    PhotoCentral's Virtual Online Gallery provides a unique opportunity to view the amazing work that is created in the PhotoCentral community. Come and enjoy images from our students, volunteers, patrons and workshop participants. The PhotoCentral program has something to offer for all skill levels.


Advanced Portfolio Class, 2012 with Oliver Klink and Geir Jordahl

Golden Gate Bridge: Then and Now
(Milton Taylor - Vintage images from the Bosco Collection.)

Spring Show 2012

Color and Magic of Nature (Cramer, Decker, Klink)

West Coast Tradition (Richard Garrd & Richard Knepp)

Foothill Photographic Portfolio 2011: 21 Perspectives

Spring Show 2011

Spring Show 2010

Foothill Photographic Portfolio 2009: 25 Views

Spring Exhibition 2005 Artwork

Spring 2004 Artwork & Hanging/Opening

Japan Adventure & Artwork

Spring Exhibition 2003



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