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Kamakura Buddha - © Geir Jordahl

Congratulations to PhotoCentral Japan

In May 2001, Mieko and Hiroshi Tamura took the excitement, community and vision of PhotoCentral back to their native Japan. PhotoCentral Japan had its first exhibition featuring the work of many local photographers. Watch here for more information on this new program that, like PhotoCentral USA supports photographers and photographic education in the community.

The exhibition was at the the Himawari-no-Sato Gallery in Konan-Kumin-Bunka-Sentah which means "Sunflower village of cultural center for inhabitants of Konan ward" The exhibition ran from May 18 thru 22 and included around 30 pieces by Mieko Tamura and around 40 photographs by Thu Lekovish. Also featured in the exhibition was works by Mr. Sugimata, Mr. Maeda, Mr. Nakajima, Mr. Masuo, Mr. Wada, Mr. Munenaka, Mr. Takea and Mr. Tamura all supporters of PhotoCentral Japan. Geir and Kate Jordahl also have a photograph each and an essay welcoming the exciting start of PhotoCentral Japan.

Click here to read Geir and Kate's Letter of Congratulation

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Vacant Wheat Company, Oklahoma - © Mieko Tamura
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