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In the Gallery: Immigrants are US: Photography and Stories of Courage and Resilience Photographs by Mark Tuschman

Location: PhotoCentral Gallery, Lower Level, Hayward Area Park and Recreation District Offices, 1099 E Street, Hayward, California, 94544
Dates: May 25 to June 22 2019
Reception/Presentation: Saturday June 8th from 2 pm - 5 pm with the presentation at 3 pm.
Gallery Hours: Monday 5 pm-10 pm, Tuesday & Thursday 10 am-1 pm and by appointment.
Contact Person: Geir Jordahl, 510-881-6721, info@photocentral.org

Website — https://immigrantsareus.org/

PhotoCentral is proud to present a new body of work by Mark Tuschman titled Immigrants are US: Photography and Stories of Courage and Resilience. As with his previous groundbreaking work, Faces of Courage, Mark melds the environmental portrait with emotional impact and seamless craft. The images are documents and personal stories. They convey the humanity of each individual with dignity and express the egalitarian nature of each immigrant’s accomplishments in the face of challenge and adversity. The images are fresh and celebratory.
For the past year Mark Tuschman has interviewed and photographed close to 100 immigrants from the undocumented, to those seeking asylum, to DACA recipients, and finally, to those with full citizenship. His work focuses on communities being discriminated against by our current administration and includes people of all skills, from those doing manual labor to those highly skilled in medicine, law, and hi-tech.
“This project came about from my sense of the dire need to increase understanding of and empathy towards immigrants and to move us, as a country, towards a more humane, compassionate, and integrated society. Knowing that those who succumb to negative narratives about immigrants may have had few opportunities to engage, in proximity, with them, I wanted to bring the breadth, depth, and complexity of immigrant experiences and contributions forward through photographs and stories, giving people access in a way that they may not have otherwise had. After all, one can argue about politics or even disregard facts but one cannot argue a person’s story.” -Mark Tuschman
To experience this moving body of work and hear presentations by Mark Tuschman and immigrants who have participated in this project you are invited to attend a reception in honor of the immigrants who make America great!

EVENT: https://www.facebook.com/events/1189016887945161/
PHOTOCENTRAL MAP HERE: http://www.photocentral.org/aboutus.html#map

Wild Africa: Presentation by Shem Compion & Mark Overgaard

Date And Time: Sat, June 22, 2019 at 2pm, with pop-up exhibit before and after: 1:30 – 4pm
PhotoCentral Gallery, 1099 E Street, Hayward, CA 94541

Attendance is limited; pre-register FREE to ensure your space: https://photocentral-wildafrica.eventbrite.com

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Shem Compion is a naturalist and professional wildlife photographer working throughout Africa and the world. His passion for natural areas and photography has led to a life of travel and creating environmental awareness through his photography. His images have won national and international awards and his work is published worldwide. He has produced six books. Shem leads a specialized safari company, www.c4photosafaris.com, which is one of the most reputable safari companies in Africa, running scheduled and bespoke safaris for clients from all over the world.
Shem Compion knows Africa better than most: his professional focus is taking people safely to various parts of Africa to witness its wonderful beauty and amazing wildlife. This presentation will deal with travel in Africa, what makes it special, the safety aspects, the wildlife you can encounter and the amazing experiences you can have. Join Shem and Mark Overgaard, who has travelled with Shem and C4 many times, for an engaging talk, with some amazing images.
Mark Overgaard’s focus on image making began as he prepared for retirement from a technology career in his early sixties. Now, he travels widely, including eight visits to Africa since 2012. One of the main focus areas for Mark’s image making is wildlife naturescapes. He seeks to inspire viewers of those images to care about and support the conservation of the places and wildlife they capture.
Mark has participated and been recognized regularly in the annual PhotoCentral Spring Show, including with juror awards for Best of Show and Best of Color in the last two years.
A pop-up exhibit with a selection from Mark’s award-winning prints of African naturescapes will complement the presentation. The pop-up exhibit will be available from 1:30p before the 2pm presentation and afterwards until 4pm. Prints will be for sale, with 30% of the proceeds donated to PhotoCentral.

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Contact Person: Geir Jordahl, 510-881-6721, info@photocentral.org


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